Our B2B Tele Marketing service is the best example, where we use trained marketing professionals to generate quality leads from your CRM, inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

Our highly competitive Tele callers have  become a important part of our client teams. They share conversations with prospective customers that build rapport and represents our clients’ business. Our customary reviews and powerful CRM system provide clients with in-depth weekly reporting and analysis for every B2B Tele marketing campaign. We also record calls for quality control and provide clients with call recordings for every appointment, demo or another required outcome.

TeleMarketing, B2B

MQL –The MQL Lead Generation Program from Triada Digitech  was created to maximize the impact of your marketing content.  We’ll take your assets and expose them to segments of our 3 + million strong audience that match your MQL definition, amplifying the effectiveness of your content marketing many times over.

SQL –  Once Inside Sales determines the MQL has merit, the lead status is updated in your CRM to a sale qualified lead  and the lead is progressed through the funnel where the probability of winning new business is expressed as a percentage, valued in monetary terms, and measured by time.

PQL –  Product Qualified lead is when prospect has agreed to be signed up for the product trial or a Demo 

SRL –  Sales ready leads are when prospect says that they are interested in buying the product, and mentions what they are trying to accomplish with the products


Benefits of Telemarketing with us

Cost Per Lead Payment Module – To make sure you only pay only for what you get.

Call Recordings  – We keep provide every single recording of the leads generated.

Quick Replacement – Our return percentage is less than 1.5% in case of returns. We assure you replacement of a lead within 24 hours.

Invoicing – We raise an Invoice after the campaign completion, only for the leads that are accepted from our clients

Get in touch with us to discuss, what is more suitable to your business Full Sales Funnel Package or an Al -a- Cart