Quintessential Lead Generation.

What is Quintessential Lead Generation : The internet has become a self-serve, educational platform. Buyers are increasingly informed before they even take the first step to making a potential purchase or before talking to a Sales Agent.

That means to stay ahead you need to capture your buyers early and quickly. The best way to do this is with rich content that sticks to your buyers right away. It’s hard, but it’s important.

Our Quintessential Lead Generation strategy aims to do just this – capture your Audience early with top of the funnel compelling contents like eBooks, white papers or eGuides.


Early stage interaction Establishes yourself as the authority in your field creates an impression that lasts. That’s valuable for later marketing efforts. Buyers tend to go with the company who initially triggers their purchase impulse.


Build Your Ideal Audience

  • Target Prospects by Department, job Title and level
  • Select companies based on Geography, annual Revenue and Employee size
  • Inclusion or exclusion of companies by name
  • Custom Questions, to Further Qualify your leads


Once you choose Target audience for your campaign. Depending on your Target audience Triada Digitech creates target group of contacts from our extensive database. we will then send your content to those selected contacts via series custom email broadcasts. This process continues until your audience starts to interact with your content,

Lead delivery is done in incremental slots until we reach the allotted target.







Our Standard Data Profile is combination of Personal Info, Company Info & Contact Info. All the leads Generated by Triada Digitech provides an Intelligence required for Targeted lead nurture. Ultimately enables continuous and sustainable growth for your business.

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