Frequently Asked Questions.

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What Kind of Businesses are benefitted by working with Triada Digitech?

  1. Marketing services firms, agencies or companies looking to acquire mid- Market enterprise customers.
  2. Product Development / Engineering firms who wants to serve growing start up’s
  3. A middle-market enterprise who wants to partner with specific technology firms.
  4. B2B-focused Software-as-a-service startup’s who wants to create engagement with functional leaders in service industries


What Does Triada Digitech Do?

Triada Digitech helps Media Agencies and Technology companies to accelerate sales and solve their demand generation challenges. We help Companies increase their outreach in existing and new markets by keeping their target Audience in mind. Get new clients & increase your revenue, all at a substantially reduced costs. We are a B2B Marketing company focused on, Quintessential Lead Generation, Project engagement  data , Account based Marketing, Role based Contact Discovery, Webinar and Event registration, Traffic assurance, Opportunity creation, Telemarketing and other performance based B2B Marketing solutions.

How large is your Database?

We have about 19 Mil Records in our Database.

What Do you need from us to get started with Triada Digitech?

  • Target Audience specifications. This includes
  • Industry-  (Example. Information technology service, Banking, Business services etc.
  • Employee size – (Example 1 – 50, 51 -250,  251 – 1000) Etc.
  • Annual Revenue (Example   1 – 100M 101 – 250M, 251 -500M)etc.
  • Job Title – (IT Manager, Marketing Manager) etc.
  • Job Department – Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance etc.
  • Job Level – (Staff, Manager, Director, VP C Level) etc.

If there is Target account list, Suppression or competitors list that will be implemented as well to ensure fruitful leads

Lastly we also need some of your content. With all these in hand we can launch your campaign and start generating leads for you.

Who Makes the creatives Material?

It’s your decision completely, either you can send us the creative material and we will be happy to implement it for you or you provide Triada Digitech with piece content to promote and our creative team will Design an Email, Landing page and Thank page (Confirmation page)

No campaign is launched without your approval on creative materials.

What is Quintessential  Lead Generation, and Engagement Data – Campaign Tactic?

Quintessential  Lead Generation  –  Where Prospect  fills out a short  form to get your gated content. Engagement Data – Campaign Tactic  – Where we remove the friction by creating landing pages with “Download” button and without the Form. So the only difference is the form presence, however in both the categories leads are provided with full business card data.

How much you will be able to tell me about the prospect  who has not completed a form?

All the information would remain the same irrespective of , whether form is filled or not. Our Database consists of full business card data. Therefore  we are able to append this information to an interested user with or without a form completion.

We can also share their IP, operating system, browser, and device  Moreover we can also share type and time of actions taken.

What type of content should I promote with Triada Digitech?

Top of the funnel Content, Focus on all surrounding Whitepaper, eBook, EGuide or on demand Webinar. You would definitely want your prospects / Customers to get familiar with your brand. You can save the meaty content for lead nurture

If I don’t have a eBooks, whitepapers, On demand webinars what Content Triada Digitech can work with?

We can remodel your Popular Articles, Blogs, Case studies or anything else in to a branded PDF from there on, we can create auxiliary content required to launch your campaign.

How long are the standard Triada Digitech forms?

Our Form contains 4 Fields

  • Company Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

What If I have Additional Questions to be added on the form?

We can Add maximum 4 questions, addition to the standard form

Do keep in mind, an Ideal form has zero present. However We do understand that in some cases additional information is needed. We recommend to keep custom as minimal as possible to maintain High volume of leads and to control Cost.

Do remember, All data points are backfilled from our validated database and confirmed by our Pass verification Team

Do you run Campaigns Focused on Names Account list?

Yes , Everyday

How does the costing work?

We follow Performance Based lead generation Model .i.e. CPL (Cost Per lead). Our Clients agree on CPL and and Volume of leads. Upon Campaign completion you are billed / invoiced on CPL multiplied by Total number leads

Traditionally $3000 is the Min Campaign expenditure.

What’s an Average Cost Per Lead?

CPL is depended on Target Audience and a Specific requirement you have for a campaign fulfillment. Usually its ranged from  $15 – $35.

When Will I get my first leads Delivery?

We broadcast your campaigns at a Optimal time. Once the campaign is sent, We wait for About 24 hours for your potential leads to engage then We validate contacts and Deliver the Leads. Your First Delivery will get to you Within 36 – 48 hours after submitting content and Campaign specifications.

What are  the delivery Methods that Triada Digitech Follows?

There multiple methods that we follow, you can choose the one you want i.e. CSV File, We can submit the leads straight to your automation systems ( CRM ) or API.

What is the Duration of a typical Triada DIgitech Campaign?

Usually it is  30 Days, However we do support campaigns that go beyond 30 days, Quarterly, 6 months or yearly as well.

How Many Telecallers Do you Have?

We have 30 Telecallers who are only responsible for Lead Gen Telecalling Campaigns

What type of Telemarketing Campaign are run by Triada Digitech?

  • Content Syndication
  • SQL
  • Appointment Generation
  • Profiling
  • Webinar or event promotions
  • BANT


Do you Have Any Reservations in terms Call Recording?

No,  Every lead recordings is made available to you.

On an average, how many dials outs does it take your team to connect with a live prospect on the phone?

On an Average every 3rd or 4th call is a live prospect, every agents has min.150 dial outs on regular basis.

On average, how many of those connections tend to turn into a lead on basic content syndication campaigns you have run in the past with no custom questions?

Our Conversion rate has always been above 42%

What is the ratio of agents to operations Team Leader on your floor? (i.e. – 1 operations Team Leader on the floor for every 5 agents.)

We have About 4 Team Leaders – Each Managing  7 – 8 Agents

Not including call agents, how many full-time employees are dedicated to contact discovery (call list preparation) activities?

We have Separate Contact Discovery Team consists of 15 Employees.

Describe your call agent training process (including techniques to ensure compliance with the project’s call script and gain clear unambiguous answers from the contact)

Our Training consists of  In depth knowledge of Lead generation, Do’s and Dont’s of lead generation and Best Practices.

Which includes not clubbing multiple questions together, asking questions clearly, not pushing prospects for desired answer. Being conversational yet sticking to the script. And Most importantly capturing the Authentic intent.