Well it is July 1 2018, without a doubt, the only goal remains unchanged throughout the quarter is to build the sales pipeline and increase ROI. In this post we are going to talk about the most effective lead generation strategies for B2B Business. And try and answer the most elusive question – How do I get more leads?

When it comes to creating a sustainable lead gen strategy, one of the first decisions you face is short listing the appropriate techniques or methods and knowing how much time and money to invest in each.

At this stage it is important to realize that lead generation is not simple or a single step process

It is a series of intensely sustained efforts.

Lead generation requires a holistic approach that incorporates different activities and requires different teams to work together to achieve the ultimate goal – more leads!

To help you to hit the ground running. We have put together a list of lead generation strategies to help you work work together and build a stronger sales pipeline


Email Marketing, Lead Generation

Email Marketing has been around for decades and it is still one of the most popular forms of lead generation for most B2B businesses Over the years, what has made email marketing so popular is the introduction of marketing automation. Marketing automation tools help you to create drip campaigns that send out a series of messages over time. They allow you to set triggers such that emails are delivered to a specific type of buyer, or a distinct area of interest. The important thing to remember when building an email campaign is to focus on creating a valuable experience for the audience. This means carefully constructed subject lines, engaging content, a valuable offer and impactful call to actions.

What makes email marketing so effective is that it allows marketers the flexibility to send a sequence of messages designed to increase a customer’s interest in a product or service, second email should be based on their behavior  For instance, the first email in your sequence may include information to create brand awareness about certain product or service, or simply to introduce them to the service. The second email may be aimed at sharing a case study or an e -book, while the third one, addresses specific pain points and corresponding solutions.



Online lead gen through PPC has become one of the most popular techniques for marketing folks, the reason being it allows businesses to appear on the first page of

Google search results, instantly appearing in front of people who are are looking for the solutions for their challenges or problems creates a huge impact.

Such PPC campaigns are paired with a landing page that is specifically designed to get users to sign up or fill a form with their details. Marketers are seeing increased success when implementing this lead generation method.

Although PPC is a promising method to generate leads, there are still chances that users won’t fill a form on the landing page. However, the key is to remember that those who do have an interest in your service will click on the link and land on your website. Once a user lands on your website, that’s the opportunity you have to make most of


Linkedin Advertising

LinkedIn Advertisement -With over Six Hundred  Million professionals on LinkedIn, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn is amongst the most enthusiastically used by marketers around the globe. What differentiates LinkedIn from other online platforms is the unique opportunity to engage with the decision makers themselves. On LinkedIn, marketers are more likely to target audiences who are not only looking for a solution but have the power to decide whether or not to implement a chosen solution.

LinkedIn provides marketers with more than one way to run Ads, and these include sponsored Native Ads which allow you to display your LinkedIn updates to targeted audiences and track the number of leads you’re getting. The other two options are Sponsored In mails – targeted & personalized messages and Text

Last year, LinkedIn announced Lead gen Forms, which made it even easier to collect leads from the huge number of professionals using LinkedIn.

If you’re thinking about leads constantly, or not able to manage resources to increase the lead volume or an improvement in an existing lead gen strategy speak to one of our experts today.